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As a Lightroom Presets seller I get lots of installation questions.

Therefore, I prepared a step-by-step tutorial on installing presets on both mobile and desktop.  

Today we're figuring out Mobile Presets installment. Let's get on with it!

Step 1:

Download Adobe Lightroom CC on your phone. Where? Apple Store or Google Play depending of the device you're using.


Step 2:

Immediately after payment download button will appear on your screen. Also you will receive an email with a download link right after payment!  Download this file - it’s a PDF file. It will contain a link to your preset (choose the option that is more comfortable to you: Dropbox or Google Drive).

I'd recommend you dowloading one preset at a time.


Step 3

Download the presets on your device. You can dowload them on your laptop or PC or directly to your phone. I usually recommend my customers direct phone dowloading because it's easier and saves time. If you dowloaded presets to your laptop there're multiple ways of sending them to your phone: iCloud, AirDrop, Google Drive, Dropbox of via email.


Step 4

Click the arrow on the top right to open the preset. Scroll down through your apps and find 'Copy to Lightroom CC' as pictured below.



Step 5

If you have a problem with step 4: files do not open or there's no 'Copy to Lightroom CC' setting, try opening them in Google Drive.


Step 6

Open the downloaded file in Google Drive. Click on the 3 dots in the right corner of the photo that opens. Select the "Open in" function and select "Copy to Lightroom CC" from the list that appears.


Step 7

Go to Lightroom Mobile App open the image and click on 3 dots in the right corner.


Step 8

Choose 'Copy Settings', then checkmark in the upper right corner.


Step 9

Then go to the photo you'd like to edit, click on 3 dots in the right corner of the screen and choose 'Paste Settings'


Step 10

Voilà! Your you applied the exact setting to photo.

Click on the ‘Share’ icon. Now you can save the edited  photo to your device or immediately share it to Social Media!



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